Why Remote Backup?

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Will you have up to date backups if your building burns down? How about if your city floods?

After the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993, some companies had to go out of business even though they had insurance and they had been making backups of their computers regularly. Why? Because their backups were all in the WTC. Insurance could provide replacement computers while the building was closed for repair, but all the data was trapped in the building. Without offsite backups, these companies had no way to access their customer lists, invoices, payroll records... in short, the data they needed to run their businesses.

Statistically, if your business loses its data files, it has even odds of collapsing outright. If you do manage to stay open after losing your data files, you have a 90% probability of closing your doors within two years.

Don't Let That Happen To You!

You can solve that problem by using secure, encrypted backup over the Internet to a major data centre where it is safe, and where you can retrieve it no matter what happens at your headquarters. This service has been in operation since 1995. It is used by many big companies, but we also make it available to small ones. You can have:

  • Fast, reliable and secure backup data protection

  • Encrypted data transfer (only your account can decrypt your data--even the storage centre staff cannot get into your data)

  • Secure storage facilities, with ample redundancy features (communication lines, power, air filtration, duplicate storage at two separate sites)

  • Automation for your backups, including backup of open files, Exchange databases and SQL databases

  • Simple installation, with no need to buy backup hardware or software (or learn to use them)

  • Immediate recovery services if a disaster occurs

  • 24/7 technical support

  • English, Dutch, French, and German languages are supported

  • Best of all, it's cost effective! We offer these services at a customer-friendly price.

    Request a free trial today--because disaster can happen to anyone!