Cloud Computing

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What is Cloud Computing?

Many business find it difficult to buy their own computers and software, maintain them, and upgrade them from time to time. The cost is especially painful for small and medium sized companies when revenue fades. The costs of traditional IT do not go down anywhere near as much as the falloff in sales or shrinkage in the workforce.

Cloud computing allows you to essentially "rent" the computer power, software, and IT maintenance you need. Instead of doing most work on a desktop PC and some work on a corporate server, workers connect to your cloud computing and do it all there.

Buying computers and software, upgrading, and maintaining are no longer your headache. Neither is capacity planning. You can flex the capacity you buy as your needs wax and wane. Your workers only need bare bones PCs (a netbook will do) that can access the Internet and establish a secure connection with your cloud.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Typical benefits of using the cloud instead of traditional IT include:

  • No capital expenditure required (except bare bones PCs for workers, and maybe a few printers or scanners)
  • Up to 50% lower cost than traditional IT
  • Workers can access it from practically anywhere that allows them to go online
  • Instantly scalable and highly flexible (for example, adding IT capacity and support for a kiosk just during holiday season is no problem)
  • Data backup, business continuity and disaster recovery are automatically part of the package
  • Continually updated with no effort or extra expense by you (no refresh cycles)
  • Predictable low fixed cost per user
  • Built for high availability with concrete service level agreements

What's In the Cloud?

  • Desktop computing (hosted virtual desktop, including Microsoft Office etc.)
  • Software as a Service (such as accounting and customer relationship management)
  • Email and data communications (hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, Blackberry server), including antispam and antivirus filtering
  • Telephone and virtual PBX
  • Online collaboration
  • File storage
  • Backup and recovery, including disaster redundancy

Why Get It From Us?

Cloud computing is not yet mature. Some sources are more robust and reliable than others.

We evaluated various sources of cloud computing resources and chose to partner with one that we feel meets our high standards for reliability and quality. We offer service through six data centres located around the world to minimise latency and give you quick response at your screen.

We work with you to determine the right service package for your needs. That consultation is currently free of charge as an introductory offer.

As with our remote backup, antispam and hosting services, non-profit organisations and educational institutions get a discount.