Sudden Death Can Strike Your Business At Any Time!

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Floods. Explosions. Fires. Blackouts. Earthquakes. Storms. Terrorists. These are just a few dangers that could wipe your web business from the net... TODAY. But it doesn't have to be that way...

Did you know that your website is being hosted at a huge place called a Data Centre?

Did you also know these buildings require massive amounts of power to run, and the slightest disturbance causes all the websites there to go down?

The vast majority of website owners are blissfully unaware that their businesses (their livelihoods!) are hanging in the balance, and factors like global warming slide the knife edge closer to your website's heart every day.

I don't mean to scare you. One look at the daily news is scary enough.

Unlike global warming, there ARE cures for this problem.

Don't Let Email Disaster Kill Your Business

Start with your email. Did you know protecting it is affordable, practical, incredibly easy to set up... and unlike an insurance policy, it can also help you day to day?

What happens to your business when its email quits working for a day? A week? Forever? Do you miss orders or lose customers? In a disaster, would you have trouble reaching your customers, suppliers, maybe even your workers?

I have seen businesses, government agencies, and university campuses struggle to find their people after a great storm. Evacuation scattered everyone. Mobile phones are great, but many people do not give their mobile numbers to their employers. The town was closed for weeks, and before anyone could coordinate rebuilding and reopening, they had to spend a week or two tracking each other down.

Never again!

Quick, Easy, Affordable Solution

I can protect you from that, at an affordable price, no matter where in the world your website is hosted.

Your email will be safe even if the worst happens. The entire data centre hosting your website can be as dead as a doornail, and your email will still be fine. Even better, day to day, you will have the very best antispam and antivirus service available. Not sloppy. Not letting lots of spam through but blocking some of your legitimate messages. Targeted. Reliably letting business and personal messages come through while blocking nearly all the spam.

You don't need extra hardware or software. Setup is quick. (Your hosting service just changes the MX records for your domain.)  Do you have only a few email users? For up to five users, the list price is only £10 ($20) per month, period. You can spend more than that by going out to dinner once! Five hundred users? Then it's less than £1 ($1.90) per user per month. The cost per user goes down as the number of users goes up. But remember, that's list price. I arrange discounts as often as possible. It's like having your own disaster recovery center for your email, plus reliable spam blocking, for less than most big-name antispam services charge.

Try it free for 30 days, no strings attached. If you like it, there's no long term commitment to sign, just month to month service.

Free Trial With No Strings Attached
Demonstrations can be done over the Internet so you can see how this is working for real customers, and can see how easy and flexible it is. You will not be asked for credit card or bank information to start your 30 day free trial.


Do you want to know more?

With this service, all email for your domain goes to a gateway, where spam and viruses are filtered out. Only the remaining messages go from there to your computers. They aren't gone--you can easily see them, release some for normal delivery, whitelist a newsletter you like to get no matter who the sender is... but your computers don't need the capacity to receive or store the spam that bombards your business every day.

If your domain goes down, just call the service to declare an emergency. Email for your domain will be stored until you have a working email server again, and then it will be released for normal delivery.

The data centres that do all of this are in the UK , USA and Australia . It doesn't matter where in the world your domain is hosted. The gateway mirrors your email, so even if one of the gateway centres has a problem, your email is still safe at another.

You won't outgrow this service as your business grows. One current customer has about 40,000 email accounts.

More features ahead

New features will be added later this year.

During an email disaster, at no extra charge, email will be available via web browser while your server is being fixed.

Other additions include transaction logging, outbound content filtering (great if you worry about employees sending out confidential information), outbound virus filtering, tools to help you avoid getting your outgoing messages wrongly blocked by antispam blacklists, and email archival to satisfy regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

When I said you won't outgrow this service, I didn't just mean there's plenty of capacity. You'll get top of the line features.

Protect your business now!

This is a personal quest for me.

My extended family is from the US Gulf Coast. We've seen a lot of hurricanes and floods, but nothing else like hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. We lost houses (thankfully no people) to Katrina. Less than a month later, only Rita's last minute move to the east kept us from losing even more.

A community college campus was the center of recovery operations for one of the southeast Texas towns hardest hit by Rita. But its faculty and staff were scattered all over the country. They hadn't been able to evacuate to their usual places because so many Katrina evacuees were still in the area. While emergency responders used the campus as a base to rebuild the town, the campus had to find its people before it could begin its own recovery.

The campus uses this service now. That will allow its faculty, staff and students to use their usual campus email addresses to coordinate after any future disasters.

Emergency crews got some of their food as donations of non-perishable stock from a grocery that was struggling to reopen in time for the return of residents. Ideally, the insurer should have looked at the store's damage before they began to clean it. But their insurance agent had recently switched them to a new carrier. They had the binder, but not the complete policy packet in hand yet. They didn't know their policy number or where to file a claim--and mail delivery would not resume for months. Their agent had made no provision for his customers to reach him. His phone was out of order. His website was a dead end. A friend's son in the insurance industry eventually tracked down the agent's brother to reach the agent. Of course, one of the adjuster's first complaints was that they should have contacted the insurer more quickly. But how?

Businesses, schools and government agencies all over the hurricane strike zones faced problems like these on top of the physical damage. Imagine how much better they could have fared with the upcoming browser access to email in a disaster. Think about how much it could mean to you if a fire, flood, earthquake, dreadful storm or other disaster hits where your web domain lives.

Don't leave your business vulnerable. Just fill in the form to ask for a demonstration or a risk-free no-cost trial.

Do it now. Because disasters show no mercy.

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