Hosting Service You Can Trust

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If your business absolutely, positively has to keep its computer systems up all the time, so-called bargain hosting could cost you everything.

What you need instead is reliability, safety and security at a reasonable price--and now you have found it.

Tell us what you want. We can provide it through state of the art data centres in the UK, USA and Australia.

Your hosting will have guaranteed 99.9% uptime on core services such as electrical power, Internet access and bandwidth scalability. Each data centre has a dedicated connection to the Internet backbone, with three OC12 connections from two different telecommunication carriers. Redundancy abounds: dual electrical feeds, dual backup generators, dual uninterrupted power supplies, proper fire suppression... Physical security at each data centre is also tight, including video surveillance and biometric encoded access controls.

Web Presence

Internet, intranet, extranet--any of those, or all. Dedicated or shared hosting. Unlimited scalability.

You can have secured Web pages under your security certificate, or secure specific Web pages using the data centre's certificate, or set up your own secure server in the data centre.

Web statistics are available as a hosted service or installable software, with a full suite of live, rich, interactive reports. You can trace visitor paths, track marketing campaigns, keep an eye on your web site conversions, and more.

If your business has to send a lot of large files over the network, consider having a FTP site too. Size limits on email attachments will no longer get in your way, and you will avoid the resource drain of having many copies of a large file pass through the email accounts of people who may not need it. A user-friendly control panel makes administering your FTP site easy.

Application Hosting

Together with web hosting, this is especially ideal for small to medium sized businesses. Without having to build it and operate it yourself, you can have comprehensive end-to-end application management designed specifically for the Microsoft product range and Windows-based software (16 bit and 32 bit). You will also have advanced protection against intrusion and viruses, 24x7 monitoring, daily backups and offsite storage...

In short, you can have the same world class applications and IT best practices that the biggest companies have--long before your business is big enough to build and staff anything in this league on your own. And as you grow, you will not outgrow these facilities.

Colocation and Disaster Recovery

Whether you need colocation or disaster recovery, it's available for businesses of all sizes. Choose from...

Shared Colocation: Colocate your Web site in our secure environment with no more than 10 sites per server.

Dedicated Colocation: Bring in your own equipment and manage it. Our tech support will monitor it. (We use standard secure rack mount enclosures.)

Managed Colocation: Rent our equipment and leave management of the server hardware and operating system to us.

Tell Us What You Want

This page only touches on the highlights of what we can offer. Hosting, colocation and especially disaster recovery needs are different for every business. Your solution will be tailored for you. Click here to let us know you're interested, and we will contact you. If you want to tour one of the data centres so you can see that these are world class facilities, let us know!