Wise Advisor Coaching/Learning

Wise Advisor services are tuned to be especially effective for businesses up to the midrange in size, delivered remotely to anywhere in the world. These include:

  • 45 minute 10k Challenge Taster session. If your turnover is 500k or more, we guarantee that in the 45 minute session we will find ways for you to add at least 10k to your bottom line (other than throwing money at more marketing campaigns). We only charge our £1500 fee when we satisfy that guarantee.
  • Business coaching. This carries on after a 10k Challenge taster session, if you want it. (Remember our ability to delivery orders of magnitude more than our fee in just a brief introductory session? Imagine how much we can do once we know your business more deeply!)
  • Online training for small business owners, including our Mini-MBA series.

If your needs are best suited by a combination of our services, we are happy to create a bundle for you. You can take a look at our coaching and learning websites by clicking the links below, or schedule a free introductory call to talk things over and see whether we can help you.

To visit our coaching website, click here.

To visit our learning website, click here.