Specialist Business Services

For these services it is more appropriate to say we work with business partners rather than clients because our work is highly collaborative.

One branch of these services is for transformation and performance improvement within an organisation. Our methods for business improvement are primarily adapted from Du Pont with some refinements from other sources.

To call the other branch high level business development is the tip of an iceberg. Where a value proposition is already clear, we can get the attention of senior executives in many of the largest organisations in the UK, including those that are British companies in multinational groups. But where the value proposition is not yet clear, we help to shape it. We evaluate commercial feasibility across a broad span of science and technology, assess markets, assist in strategy definition, find and introduce the right people, provide pre-sales support, facilitate workshops, and so on.

We sometimes work with a handful of organisations instead of a client and maybe one or two vendors. Our specialist business services do not necessarily involve technology at all.

Of course once business partnerships are formed to take an innovation forward, we are also available for services to help run a new venture or carry out projects.