Specialist Business Services

For these services it is more appropriate to say we work with business partners rather than clients because our work is highly collaborative.

Ongoing Advisory Services (Business Coaching)

The Managing Director of a modestly sized British business asked us to please offer this. He pointed out (correctly) that sometimes a business needs outside help on an ongoing basis. He wanted more than a project. He and his staff were too far out of their depth to find their own way with our performance improvement methods. They needed advice and upskilling, not just in one shot but spread out over at least a year.

He was right to ask us to add that, so we have.

As the head of a business, you can now engage us for this. Working with you, we will help you see what to change, and how, to improve the bottom line in your business… and its stability, resilience, and value in the market. We have a range of experience and perspective to apply, and often it’s easier to see the forest for the trees from our vantage point.

STANDARD PACKAGE: £950 per month plus a negotiated percentage of additional profit we help you achieve. Other packages available for quicker acceleration or blended services.

No-Glitz Performance Improvement, Brainstorming, Goal Setting and Planning

One branch of these services is for transformation, performance improvement, brainstorming, goal setting and planning within an organisation. Our methods are primarily adapted from Du Pont with refinements from other sources.

We do and teach what works, not what is glitzy or overly complicated or branded with a fancy name. Engage us to facilitate your company’s first performance improvement and transformation workshop (just a day or two), and from then on you will know how to do it yourselves if you wish, iteratively, whenever you need another round.

Similarly, engage us to facilitate your brainstorming, goal setting and planning workshop (again, just a day or two is enough), and from then on you’ll know how to do it yourselves whenever you need it.

Of course, if you want us to facilitate again so none of you have to take the facilitation role, we will be glad to help. But it will be your choice, not a matter of need. Our methods are straightforward, easy to learn, and effective.

Ideally, we provide two people for your sessions, one to facilitate and the other to scribe. We can trim that to one of our most skilled facilitators if necessary.

CURRENT RATES: £1600 per day plus expenses. You can schedule as little as one full day, bearing in mind that by day’s end you will understand how to carry on yourselves.

Slipstream Programme: From Rough Offer to Rapid Growth Without Borrowing or Investors

Calling Slipstream high level business development is the tip of an iceberg. Where a value proposition is already clear, we can get the attention of senior executives in many of the largest organisations in the UK, including those that are British companies in multinational groups, as well as large companies abroad. Where the value proposition is not yet clear, we help to shape it. We evaluate commercial feasibility across a broad span of science and technology, assess markets, assist in strategy definition, find and introduce the right people, provide pre-sales support, facilitate workshops, and so on. You start with a rough offer that is not ready for prime time yet. You transition to having a polished product without borrowing or raising investor funds for the development work, and you have a jumpstart into the marketplace. We’ve learned how to do this at the right hand of a world class expert whom we can bring directly into your proposition if appropriate.

Of course once business partnerships are formed to take an innovation forward, we are also available for services to help run a new venture or carry out projects.

Most specialists offering this type of service charge high day rates. We believe other pricing structures are often better suited and will discuss this with you after our initial free consultation. We may suggest a structure that defers much of our billing until after we have helped you bring in additional revenue.