For these services it is more appropriate to say we work with business partners rather than clients because our work is highly collaborative.

From Rough Offer to Rapid Growth Without Borrowing or Investors

Calling Slipstream high level business development is the tip of an iceberg.

You start with a rough offer that is not ready for prime time yet. You transition to having a polished product without borrowing or raising investor funds for the development work, and you have a jumpstart into the marketplace that produces sustainable high growth.

Where a value proposition is already clear, we can get the attention of senior executives in many of the largest organizations in the UK, including those that are British companies in multinational groups, as well as large companies abroad. Where the value proposition is not yet clear, we help to shape it. We evaluate commercial feasibility across a broad span of science and technology, assess markets, assist in strategy definition, find and introduce the right people, provide pre-sales support, facilitate workshops, and so on.

We’ve learned how to do this at the right hand of a world class expert whom we can bring directly into your proposition if appropriate.

Of course, once business partnerships are formed to take an innovation forward, we are also available for services to help run a new venture or carry out projects.

Most specialists offering this type of service charge high day rates. We believe other pricing structures are often better suited and will discuss this with you after our initial free exploratory meeting. We may suggest a structure that defers much of our billing until after we have helped you bring in additional revenue.