IT Related Services

We’ve worked in every phase of the software development life cycle, in nearly every role. Our founder has worked in two of the world’s most elite software development groups, giving us exceptional depth of understanding about the way IT works ‘under the bonnet’. We combine this with business expertise and ‘soft skills’ to deliver success for our clients.

These days we tend to focus on project management, business analysis, database or system architecture, and leadership positions (on contract or interim)–but we offer a wide range of services.

We’ll use manufacturing to provide a few examples of what we (or our USA sister firm) have done:

  • Working with steelmaking experts up to PhD level, we designed and implemented a software system and database. Result: The first system of its kind in the steel industry for improving quality, reliability and yield from casting operations.
  • Technical lead for extensive modifications to and additions alongside an existing SCADA system to support new equipment and new human procedures. Result: Yield rose from 85% to 95%. Shipping delays dropped from 2 days to 2 hours. Productivity gains from this project kept the factory from shutting down in the Credit Crunch.
  • Technical lead to acquire data into Aspen Tech’s InfoPlus.21 an order of magnitude faster than previously achieved at any of the customer’s sites. We did it without the extra hardware previously required, using only standard IP.21 components and tools.

We also work with other businesses such as pharmaceutical companies, national telecom carriers and software development shops, including website and mobile app providers.