Auxiliary Services

Certain needs turn up time after time. We have solutions for those issues on hand (generally because we use them ourselves) and they ready to go if you want them – no muss, no fuss, no consulting contract. These are easy and reasonably priced while your business is small, yet have the capacity to handle unlimited growth. We are often able to offer them on a rolling month-to-month basis instead of demanding a long term agreement – what we provide is so good, we don’t need to tie you to it.

Affordable Top Tier Email Protection

Although we have seen USA companies struggle to protect their email, we have often found UK clients struggling even more. In particular, we have seen the anti-spam filtering most commonly used in Britain blocking too much legitimate email and turning away potential customers. To keep such undesirable things from happening, we offer anti-spam protection that we believe is the most sophisticated commercially available:

  • At a price even small shops can afford
  • With email continuity thrown in at no charge (we’ve gone beyond just offering disaster redundancy – this is uninterrupted access to your email even when your email service is down)
  • So robust that it is used by a company with 100,000 email accounts
  • With no need for special equipment
  • On a rolling 30 day basis
  • In 2014 we have begun offering this with no minimum order – we may have to set a minimum in the future

For businesses with special needs, additional features are available, such as screening of outbound mail where regulations impose stringent confidentiality requirements.

You can use this if you control the domain where you get your email. To get a demonstration, please contact us. It only takes minutes to set up. If you’re small and think you can’t afford it without bulk discounts that big companies get, we would charge you $1.30 per email address per month. (Yes, it’s priced in USD.)


If you want hosting but do not need the enterprise bells and whistles mentioned below, we highly recommend A2 Hosting. Originally USA based, A2 Hosting now offers data centres around the world. (For example, if you need hosting in the EU, we suggest using the Amsterdam centre.) For web hosting, this is the best combination we have found of reasonable price, high reliability and a good help desk when something goes wrong.

We also offer high-reliability colocation, intranet, extranet, Internet hosting and disaster recovery services with data centres in the UK, USA and Australia. At your option, even if your company is not large, you can have enterprise-grade services without making capital expenditures. Please contact us to learn more.