Mergers & Acquisitions

Our clients for mergers & acquisitions are generally mid-market with turnover in the range of £1M to £40M. We would like to hear from you if, for example:

  • you are considering an exit and want to do better than just listing it with a typical brokerage
  • the business is in distress and you want a better result than just letting it go under the way administrators or bankruptcy court would do it
  • it’s a family firm that you want to pass along to the next generation, but the youngsters aren’t quite ready to run it
  • the company owns IP that is valuable but applying it requires resources you’re not big enough to have
  • you want to expand by acquiring businesses

We are part of an international network of private investors. We are interested in mid-market companies regardless of whether they simply want help to plump up ahead of listing for sale, or are actively looking to acquire or be acquired. We are connected at founder level with a business brokerage, UK tax expertise and a private bank to facilitate M&A deals. As you might expect from our past history, all of our resources are top flight and unusual, never run of the mill.

Last but not least, we are confident that you can do better with us. We aren’t locked into just one or two strategies for structuring deals. We’ve got a dozen at the top of our list and more if none of those align with your needs. We have always been problem solvers. We would love to help you with yours.