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Cookies are alphanumeric identifier text files that we transfer to your computer hard drive through your Web browser. We use them for such purposes as these:

  • To enable our systems to recognise information about your computer such as what kind of browser you are using so we can tweak certain features to look better on your computer.
  • To provide statistical information regarding the use of our website. Such information will not identify you personally; it is statistical data about our visitors and usage of our site. This statistical data does not identify personal details but it helps us manage the website.
  • To provide features such as keeping track of items in a shopping basket or to remember items you mark between visits (and in case something goes wrong with your Internet connection while you are here).
  • For some advertisers we allow on our website offering products we feel may be relevant for you—we have no control over these cookies, but when such cookies are involved they are only downloaded if you click on the advertisement.

As stated in our Privacy Policy in our Legal and Privacy Notices page, we do not use cookies or anything else in our website to pass along information about you to other parties except to the extent necessary.

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