Partner Businesses

We partner with a few hand-picked businesses to deliver our core services, and to provide certain high quality services that our clients often need.

Merger & Acquisition Related

We do not currently publish these due to confidentiality agreements. The linkages our network can tap include:

  • A private equity firm
  • A bank
  • A brokerage
  • A network of partners in various countries
  • Trust companies
  • Investment arms
  • Fundraising

Our M&A network includes, in addition to ourselves, former HMRC (UK Revenues and Customs), former military intelligence, real estate, accountancy, legal, and industry expertise for every sector the network invests in.

Collectively the network has done hundreds of deals valued at hundreds of millions of dollars in more than 19 sectors over a period of 25 years.

Specialist Business Services

Commercial Catalyst Ltd

Com-Cat specialises in strategies, tactics and execution to create breakthrough growth for companies that offer exceptional products and services but need help getting into the market.

The Commercial Edge Initiative

TCEI takes leading edge research and intellectual property to market. It create competitive advantages for businesses that take up the innovations it shepherds, while also producing funds for researchers and the universities or businesses they work in.

IT Related Consultancy and Professional Services

Seneschal Incorporated

Our USA sister company formed in February 1992. Seneschal’s services and reputation are such that several of its working relationships with clients go back 20 years—and we inherit a lot from Seneschal. For example, through Seneschal we have access to such resources as a longstanding close relationship with one of the world’s top Allen Bradley PLC experts.

MES / SCADA Systems

Some of our clients want to be able to support their MES/SCADA system with expertise readily available in the market instead of using a highly proprietary platform like Aspen Technology’s. In addition to our expertise with Aspen Technology’s software suite for manufacturing, we scoured the world to find the best platform for cost effectively building a “future proof” MES/SCADA system. Contact us if you would like to see a free demonstration.