Case Studies

Each of these case studies makes a specific point or set of points about how we have ‘gotten it right’ for a client. We are in the midst of our biggest and best ever. It is entirely a matter of strategy, research, making novel use of existing technology, and structuring a venture properly—but due to confidentiality we cannot talk about it yet. We will when we can.

Case Study: Modernising a Factory

This is a favourite project led by our sister company Seneschal in the USA. It is a stellar example of putting strategy in the lead, taking a collaborative approach that causes the client’s team and its vendors’ teams to act as a nearly seamless whole, and applying creative technical solutions to turn a dull situation into a manufacturer’s shining star.

Case Study: Strategy That Needed New Tech

This is an example of a situation where high level strategy to achieve short term survival and long term competitive advantage had been blocked by the need for a new software system. Three prior attempts to build it had failed before we stepped in and built what was needed.

Case Study: Historical Data Acquisition Speed Boost

This is an example of a purely technical project that ‘only’ had to overcome some technical hurdles.