About Us

Havenshire Limited is a UK limited company based in the Midlands. Formed in January 2007, it is an offshoot of a USA firm in business since February 1992.

Our clients for mergers & acquisitions are generally mid-market with turnover in the range of £1M to £50M. We are interested in such companies regardless of whether they simply want help to plump up ahead of listing for sale, or are actively looking to acquire or be acquired.

Our clients for consultancy are often large firms and UK local government authorities, with which we work primarily at the strategic level.

In the space between these two types of clients, we match up smaller companies that have something valuable to offer (usually not quite ready to go to market) with larger companies that can add value or gain competitive advantage from the smaller company’s nascent offering. It isn’t a sale. It’s creation of the strategic partnership both companies need.

When needed, we can provide additional services of a more tactical or technical nature, for which we have a cohort of hand-picked associates. In this case we can integrate into the client’s team (using the client’s favourite tools) or carry out an entire project ourselves. We work on-site or remotely and have many years of experience in international teams spread across multiple cultures and time zones. Our experts range from technologists to high-level commercial and tax consultants.

Typically the bottom line gain for our clients is considerably more than the cost of our services.

The one constant is the owner, Bonnie Huval. Currently we show recommendations only for her. In today’s transformational strategic endeavours as in her earlier IT-centric technological work, she repeatedly takes on what some other ‘expert’ has declared impossible and helps the client’s team succeed anyway… with significant positive impact on the bottom line and providing the client with a more solid future.

Excellent Job in Volunteer Opportunity

Bonnie and I have been members of the Independent Computer Consultants Association. Bonnie took on the task [in late September 2009] of organizing a group to create the book “Born to Stand Out – tips to becoming an excellent computer consultant”. She made sure that the deadlines were met, edits were handled, and the book was ready for the November 2009 conference. With the ICCA closing the end of 2009, she has now agreed to take the ownership of the book so that we can continue promoting this information to consultants. She has done an excellent job in this volunteer opportunity.

Nancy R.

Excellence and Contribution

I’ve had the privilege to work with Bonnie on several occasions and have found that her integrity, professionalism, superior customer focus and attention to detail represent the standard of excellence I measure others against. At all times, she keeps the interest of her customer first.

Her collaborative style insures the entire project team, business as well as technical participants, understand the plan in the context of the business objectives so that they are able to contribute fully from their areas of expertise. Bonnie’s thoroughness in planning, expert judgment and attention to detail result in very consistent project performance and her attention to detail coupled with keeping her customer’s interests first, result in well targeted solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

However, Bonnie brings significantly more value as she goes beyond the project and contributes at the business level. For her, it’s not ‘deliver a project’, but it’s ‘how to help the customer make more money’. She approaches her work from the business context which ultimately insures that the maximum value to the business is achieved. I recommend Bonnie in the highest terms. You will find her to be a professional of excellence and a valuable business contributor.

Bill W.
Director of Technology, Security and Personnel

Out-of-the-Box Thinker

I have had the opportunity to work with Bonnie for the past three years. She has helped with implementing growth ideas, ways to promote and market Greyhaven Realty and mentor me in the growth and success of Greyhaven Realty.

If you are looking for a detailed, out of the box thinker, Bonnie is the person you want! She is a very detailed, organized, person who always does what she promises to do.

Her book “Get Paid” is a very good resource for anyone who works in customer service. She is so willing to teach others from her own experience.

If you have an opportunity to work with Bonnie, you will be very fortunate to have her on your team.

Joni E.
Greyhaven Realty Management Co.

Game Changer

In life you occasionally meet game changers. I have NEVER met someone as experienced and adaptive in the consultancy world. Bonnie is truly world class. Intellectually she breathes the air of the highest corporate boardroom execs on this planet. Her thought process is second to none. If you need seismic change look no further, as she will deliver and integrate at all levels in a clear and concise manner.

Med E.
Managing Director
Darwin Wealth Management Ltd

Focuses on the Challenges

Bonnie is a professional consultant who focuses on the challenges faced to provide detailed and technically advanced solutions. I would use her again without hesitation.

Paul G.
Deputy Engineering Manager / Process Improvement (Electrical)
Ibstock Brick Ltd

Can Challenge Positively to Move Project Forward

I worked with Bonnie to implement a near real time model of a continuous casting process along with a database architecture to support the development of a quality tracking system for the steel slabs produced. This was a novel development that required a complex finite difference model to be fed with live plant data from a number of different systems and then its results, along with summaries of the live data, to be stored in a database.

Despite having no steel industry knowledge Bonnie very quickly understood the process and the objectives of the project. She quickly determined that the proposed methodology was flawed and developed an alternative system architecture which she built and proved.

It was a pleasure to work with Bonnie. She is highly intelligent and innovative. She has the wonderful ability to challenge in a positive manner to move a project forward.

Richard L.
Development Manager - Steelmaking
British Steel (Tata Steel)

Strong Performer

Bonnie throughout the time of doing business and working together has always demonstrated a detailed approach to her deliverables, attitude and ways of working. An extremely strong individual both technical and business who would be a benefit to any organisation or service provider.

Colin B.
Effective Project Solutions

The Go-To Person

Bonnie has great customer skills working in a very diverse environment. Many groups at Du Pont worked together on projects and she was consistently the go to person for straight answers and driving any issue to closure.

Charlie W.
Lead Engineer
Rockwell Automation

Pleasure to Work With

I have known Bonnie since 2011 through networking events. Bonnie’s experience and technical knowledge is incredible and her personable approach makes her a pleasure to work with. I would thoroughly recommend Bonnie to anyone as they would be getting a great person to work with.

Matthew A.
Positive Safety Training Limited

Knowledge and Dedication

Bonnie is one of the brightest individuals I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 11 years. Her technical skills and dedication to doing the job right the first time are unmatched.

Bonnie has written custom code for us to use that has been very beneficial to our organization. She has always been willing to share any knowledge and to explain why she had to make certain changes in order for the code she wrote to work properly.

Bonnie also approaches her job and others in a professional manner. She is the type of person that you can always count on to do a good job and not have to worry about following up with afterwards. If there is an issue she doesn’t understand, she will research the problem and find a workable solution for it.

I would highly recommend her for any position she applies for because of the knowledge and dedication she brings to an organization.

Tripp W.
IT Specialist
Kordsa Global

Fantastic to Work With

I’ve had several opportunities to work with Bonnie on different projects. She is fantastic to work with. She is very detail oriented, hard working, and manages her work to consistently complete deliverables on time. I’ve recommended Bonnie for other positions at MCI (now Verizon). Bonnie, thanks for all the projects you have helped with. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.

Rob M.