What We Do

We’ve been asked to explain what we do—what is the common thread that connects our business consulting and our IT work?

It’s problem solving.

Working with NASA is mostly about problems. Coming up with a solid, forward-moving objective for a mission or programme is essential, but most of what goes into making it happen is a matter of problem solving—anticipating trouble, coming up with ways to prevent it, taking advantage of easily overlooked opportunities or leverage, and preparing so thoroughly that when the inevitable unexpected trouble occurs we are ready to grapple with it. That’s where we cut our teeth, professionally.

And NASA is allergic to the word impossible. So when a client brings a problem to us, our natural drive is to look for ways to solve it, not excuses for giving up. We have repeatedly solved problems after someone else told a client it was impossible. To us, that’s fun.

So that’s what we do. We help our clients tackle problems, especially when the situation looks a bit daunting. It’s often complex. It’s rarely just a matter of technology. The human factor is usually the most important part.

We would love to tell you what we’ve been up to for the past couple of years that looks like it’s about to achieve liftoff, but for the moment it’s still confidential. We’ll tell you what we can, when we can. Just know that it’s a novel solution to a whopping problem, and in this case technology is the smallest part of it. The human factor and the complexities of organisations are at the core.

Got a problem to solve that’s a bit daunting? Please get in touch. We’re always interested in more problem-solving. Remember, to us, it’s fun!

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