Our central theme is helping organizations prosper, especially when they face daunting challenges. We now work

  • in mid-market mergers and acquisitions,
  • with large firms (especially multinationals) and public sector organizations at the strategic level, and
  • as a bridge between large and small to establish joint ventures.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion of your goals and needs.


Our clients for mergers & acquisitions usually have turnover in the range of £1M to £40M. We are interested regardless of whether they simply want help to plump up ahead of listing for sale, or are actively looking to acquire or be acquired.

We are part of an international network of private acquisition investors. We are connected at founder level with a business brokerage, UK tax expertise and a private bank to facilitate M&A deals.

Business Strategy and Consulting

Due to confidentiality agreements we are often unable to say much about our topmost projects. They are transformational projects of scale and importance.

Sometimes the solution is simple. Not long ago, we ‘unstuck’ a cross-industry project that had been stalled for a year and a half. How? By converting the ‘primary competitor’ into the company’s primary ally! Digging in to where we could see this would resolve the worst sticking points took some time, but once we saw it and got the project sponsor’s approval, getting the competitor on board as an ally happened in a matter of days.

In our most ambitious undertaking, in close collaboration with partners we devised a novel solution to issues affecting large infrastructure-related companies as well as local government authorities. The solution is designed to alleviate specific high priority issues. Although we have not been able to find any place in the world where our solution is being done, every element of the solution has been proven somewhere. What’s clever is the way we put it all together.

While that is moving along toward public visibility, we can give you a glimpse of other recent work.

In 2015 a consortium of Online Profiling Limited, The Project Academy, Commercial Catalyst Ltd and Havenshire released a summary report of our research into the value of best in class competency and capability management (CCM).

We expected to find a modest positive correlation between CCM and business performance. Instead we found a stunningly large correlation. We also found that the sweet spots for investing in CCM improvements are not at the levels where businesses are currently focusing their expenditures. For the full news article, click here.

Our findings from subsequent research are intentionally not published. We learned a great deal about business performance and worker productivity in the UK, why productivity here tends to be about 20% lower than on the Continent, and what tends to work best to improve it. If you want to know more, please contact us.

Matching Needs with Solutions

We value the trust of the executives we work with at large organizations and maintain our relationships with them. We keep our ears open to stay aware of what they need. We keep our eyes open for solutions they may want and bring those solutions to their attention when we find them.

In one recent situation, we found and brought to the table large manufacturers that can revolutionize their markets (each in a separate region of the world) by licensing and applying intellectual property developed by a small firm that lacks manufacturing capacity. Unless you live far from civilization, chances are that this IP will touch your life sometime in the future.

As we scan the horizon for solutions, we sometimes find a solution that is highly promising but not quite ready for prime time. In that case we work with creators of solutions to commercialize intellectual property or achieve breakthrough growth. We only take on clients for this where we are convinced that the innovation is worthwhile, needed in the world, and close to ready for the light of day.

IT Related Services

When needed, we can provide additional services of a more tactical or technical nature, for which we have a cohort of hand-picked associates. This is a legacy line of business, but we realise we have expertise that is rare, elite, and produces dramatic impact on performance for clients. We keep this arrow in our quiver on behalf of certain clients who cannot get what we deliver anywhere else.

We fit IT to your business needs. New IT is often not necessary. You may be surprised by how much extra yield or cost reduction can come from changes in human procedures and adjustments or modifications to existing IT systems.

In IT we are usually engaged to build or enhance mission critical systems, often with realtime or near-realtime performance demands and crucial interactions with human workflow. We are known for our ability to solve problems that thwart others. Examples of what we can do include:

  • Factory yield increased from 85% to 95%, and time-to-ship reduced from 2 days to 2 hours.
  • Data acquisition from pharmaceutical tablet production increased by orders of magnitude while eliminating a previously needed extra computer and signal splitters.
  • A first of its kind application for the steel industry that enables more production of sophisticated, high quality, high profit margin products.
  • A first of its kind application to help a national telecom backbone provider diagnose and resolve network operations issues in a complex SS7 call routing system.