Our central theme is helping organisations grow and prosper. Long ago we started out providing IT related services, but we now work primarily at the strategic level. Our clients are mostly large firms (especially multinationals) and UK local government authorities.

Business Strategy and Consulting

Due to confidentiality agreements we are unable to openly say much about our current topmost projects… yet. These are not merely transformational for our direct clients. They will ultimately transform associated organisations and improve quality of life for entire communities. Projects of this scale and importance are very much our main focus. When we are able to speak more freely about these projects, we will.

In the meantime, we can give you a glimpse of other recent work.

In 2015 a consortium of Online Profiling Limited, The Project Academy, Commercial Catalyst Ltd and Havenshire released a summary report of our research into the value of best in class competency and capability management (CCM).

We expected to find a modest positive correlation between CCM and business performance. Instead we found a stunningly large correlation. We also found that the sweet spots for investing in CCM improvements are not at the levels where businesses are currently focusing their expenditures. For the full news article, click here.

Our findings for the subsequent year of additional research are not published. We have learned a great deal about business performance and worker productivity in the UK, and why productivity here tends to be about 20% lower than on the Continent. If you wonder whether we may be able to help your business be among the top performers, please contact us.

IT Related Services

When needed, we can provide additional services of a more tactical or technical nature, for which we have a cohort of hand-picked associates. This is a legacy line of business, but we realise we have expertise that is rare, elite, and produces dramatic impact on performance for clients. We keep this arrow in our quiver on behalf of certain clients who cannot get what we deliver anywhere else.

We fit IT to your business needs. New IT is often not necessary. You may be surprised by how much extra yield or cost reduction can come from changes in human procedures and adjustments or modifications to existing IT systems.

In IT we are usually engaged to build or enhance mission critical systems, often with realtime or near-realtime performance demands and crucial interactions with human workflow. We are known for our ability to solve problems that thwart others. Examples of what we can do include:

  • Factory yield increased from 85% to 95%, and time-to-ship reduced from 2 days to 2 hours.
  • Data acquisition from pharmaceutical tablet production increased by orders of magnitude while eliminating a previously needed extra computer and signal splitters.
  • A first of its kind application for the steel industry that enables more production of sophisticated, high quality, high profit margin products.
  • A first of its kind application to help a national telecom backbone provider diagnose and resolve network operations issues in a complex SS7 call routing system.

Specialist Business Services

As a third offering, we also work with organisations to commercialise intellectual property or achieve breakthrough growth. We do this in close collaboration with Commercial Catalyst Ltd which has a hefty track record for building companies and matching innovators with larger companies that can gain business advantage by using the innovations — the results our combined team can achieve are phenomenal.

We only take on clients for this where we are convinced that the innovation is worthwhile, needed in the world, and close to ready for the light of day.

We’re a bridge helping highly technical inventors and non-technical business or sales people understand each other and move together in the same direction. We evaluate technology, products and services for commercial potential, identify suitable business partners, find initial routes to revenue, assist the sales team and facilitate delivery. But the deals made are not sales in the usual sense. Instead of a sale from supplier to buyer, each deal is a unique collaboration between parties where each brings something to the table that the other needs in order to prosper more. The deals are launchpads for both parties.

The most dramatic results tend to come for companies that are modestly sized going concerns with something especially good to offer the Business to Business (B2B) market that has not been selling nearly as well as it should. Breakthrough deals brought in through our collaboration produce rapid sustainable growth and large new fields for the innovator’s sales team to harvest, and added business value and/or competitive advantage for companies who make deals with them.